Levity in the Hills

Where I come for inspiration. 



1. Lightness of mind, character or behaviour.
2. An instance or exhibition of this.

Hi, and welcome to my website. I'm a hobbyist website and logo designer living in Darlington, in the beautiful Perth hills region of Western Australia. 

This website, and my passion for logo design, web design and marketing, is a side project and creative hobby that fulfills my interest for visual design as I work as a psychotherapist in private practice. In short, it's here I can indulge my lighter side, and engage in a little levity.

My love for marketing and design began in high school when I was 15. I designed the SIDS Red Nose Day badge for a high school project, and later a logo that was adopted by a local district basketball team (Go Hills Raiders!). 

I was initially drawn to graphic design through my high school teacher Mr. Schultz. He had long hair, wore leather vests over tie-dyed long-sleeved hippie shirts, and loomed large like a modern day bigfoot at 6'4. Think a larger iteration of Obelix from the Asterix cartoons. He had the moustaches and long braided hair to boot. In short (or long?), he was cool, talked like he'd lived through and subsequently forgotten the 60's (which he had), and he knew how to use this thing called 'Adobe Photoshop'.



When in Computer Graphics class our first assignment was to create a logo for an imaginary brand I was asked to think up myself, AND I was allowed (and even encouraged) to listen to music through headphones as I did it, I knew we were probably going to get along fine. 

I spent the $800 I won designing the SIDS Red Nose Day badge on a killer Zoom 505 guitar multi-effects pedal I still own to this day. It got my then pimply mug in the Hills Gazette, AND It was the first creative hobby I figured could garner an income outside of music. And while I later began work as a therapist, I enjoyed creating logos, business cards, websites and marketing campaigns for friends, family and acquaintances. It fulfilled a need for more introverted, creative fun outside of working with people, and I decided I enjoyed it so much I'd do it some more! So I have, and so here it is. It's another side of me that gets to have more fun, and so I hope you have fun browsing around too. 

If you like what you see on my gallery and are interested in having your personal or professional logo or website designed, feel free to connect with me; I'd love to work with you. 

As long as we can have a little levity doing it, because after all... That's what matters, doesn't it?